Find and define your muscle and joint pains with Pain Mapper. Keep pain diaries, analyse your running gait.

Have you ever had a pain and wanted to know where it was coming from and what might be causing it?

Pain Mapper provides simple illustrated reports and pain tracker diaries which will tell you much more of what you need to know about your particular pain.

Pain Mapper is made up of a series of 5 mapping modules: Spine, Forearm, Head, Leg, Arm and shoulder.

The Pain Mapper tracker diaries are available for each module. Running Gait Analysis is also possible.


Individual modules = £8.99
The Global module includes all 5 modules in one = £29.99
Tracker diaries for each module are on a subscription basis £4.99 per month.
Running Gait analysis £140. More info

Over 145 of the most common musculo-skeletal pain syndromes are covered.

All muscles will get tired when overused either too intensively or for too long without rest.

When muscles get tired they will cause pain and feel weak. After a while they will tighten and shorten, thus compounding the problem by restricting both movement and blood supply.
Every muscle in the body has a purpose. They all operate some movement or part of a movement.

Pain Mapper can visually 'map' your pain syndromes and indicate their severity.
The Pain Mapper modules will guide you through the simple process of describing your symptoms.


  • You will get a report for each module purchased.
  • The report will include information specific to your pain areas.
  • It will tell you if you are performing particular physical actions which will cause and or aggravate your pain.
  • You will learn how to avoid aggravations and how to help your symptoms to get better.
  • It will also pinpoint pain syndromes which may need further investigation.

The modules are divided for your convenience into Global, Arm, Spine, Forearm, Head and Leg.
The Global module allows you to do all 5 of the modules for £29.99.

There are also Pain Tracker Diaries for each module as well as a Running Gait Video Analysis service which examines your running gait.

Conditions such as Frozen shoulder, Groin strain, Sciatica, Shin splints, Headaches, Repetitive Strain Syndromes of the Upper limb and Forearm plus many more usage and strain related pain syndromes. All of which can be assessed and advised upon using this unique and highly informative Pain Mapping process.

Now please choose a module

Pain Tracker Diaries and Mappers

Running gait analysis Spine pain diary
Head pain diary Shoulder pain diary
Repetitive Strain diary Leg pain diary
Global pain mapper Workplace wellness

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