Workplace wellness


What is it all about?

  • The questions which make up this analysis are based on ordinary people and the syndromes as presented by them to me over my many years in practice.
  • The survey visually 'maps' the pain syndromes of individuals as well as indicating their severity. It maps the hand, forearms, elbows, shoulders, neck, upper spine, ribcage and lower spine.
  • The survey covers most occupations and hobbies, past traumas, medical problems, ergonomics, work related stress and a lot of other factors which may be involved.

    It also covers work related psychological stress.
  • On average the survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete. A report is then generated and presented online to you.
  • If you so choose, your final report can be shared by you with your employer or anyone else e.g. your GP.
  • Your employer will be sent a link to your anonymised report so that they can ascertain their employees health in general
  • You can save the report at any time in the future to compare past and present.

Some of the areas covered by the assessment: