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Have you ever had a pain in your back and wanted to know where it was coming from and what might be causing it?

Do you want to know more but cannot get a clear enough understanding of why you have a pain?
.... Knowledge is power.

Spine Mapper defines 15 specific areas of the most common upper body pains.

For £5.99 per month you can keep an accurate diary of your individual symptoms progress.

Spine Mapper provides a unique diary layout which displays the areas of pain, which muscles are affected and why, their severity over time and the results of what you have done to help yourself.

The simplified diary layout will tell you much more of what you need to know about your particular pain over time.

The creator of Spine Mapper is Paul Manley, a clinician of 40 years experience in observing and treating 1000's of people from all over the world in his Central London Clinic. He looked at what apps were available and what they offered and saw what was missing.

"Forty years of clinical work has taught me how patients express their pain and what the most common pain patterns are. My app does not purport to cover all known spine problems, just the most common ones. Too many 'pain diary apps' are deficient on many levels. Spine Mapper fills the gaps that other apps leave blank. Simple, visual and informative. Spine Mapper is unique. I hope you find it useful."

Paul Manley, Clinician and App designer.

All muscles will get tired when overused either too intensively or for too long without rest.

When muscles get tired they will cause pain and feel weak. After a while they will tighten and shorten, thus compounding the problem by restricting both movement and blood supply.
Every muscle in the body has a purpose. They all operate some movement or part of a movement.

What is a 'pulled' muscle?

There are 5 ways to 'pull' a muscle or 'strain it'.
1. By overstretching a muscle or muscle group. For example, imagine trying to put a baby seat into the back of seat of your car. The baby chair is light enough but the action requires a lot of stretching of the muscles as we reach forward with the chair. Then the muscles must contract to lift us back out of the car. An awkward movement, simple and everyday. The muscles can first strain through overstretching, then strain again when they over-contract.

2. By sudden movements and falls. Take the example above and imagine that in the middle of placing the baby seat somenoe honks their horn at you, you suddenly jerk, hit your head on the car roof and shout an appropriate obscenity. Some hours later you are flat on your back in agony.

3. Falls and other trauma can obviously pull and even tear muscle fibres. Even a small amount of 'damage' will spread to the neighbouring areas compounding the problem.

4. Pre-existing problems can be re-activated when we injure ourselves. Sometimes even when the area of injury is far removed from our 'old' problem areas.

5. Posture is king. Whilst slouching in the sofa we are usually putting our spine, neck and ribcage into extreme positions which soon proves to have been a painful mistake. We eventually reach the bent over old person appearance, the couch-potato look.

Spine mapper and its associated resources will educate you and you can then educate your spine.

Your Spine Mapper diary includes information specific to your pain areas.
It will tell you if you are performing particular physical actions which will cause and or aggravate your pain.
You will learn how to avoid aggravations and how to help your symptoms to get better.
It will also pinpoint pain syndromes which may need further investigation.

You can update your diary with details of your symptoms:
  1. Areas of pain
  2. Severity of pain
  3. Information about your pain areas
  4. Treatment success or failure
  5. Medication success or failure
  6. Exercise success or failure
  7. Self-help success or failure
  8. Activities success or failure

All of which can be assessed and advised upon using this unique and highly informative Spine Mapping process.

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