After you have filled in the spine, forearm, head, shoulder and ergonomics modules you will be asked to upload your movies or pictures.

The shoot:

How to film your movie and take pictures.

1. The simplest way is to place your camera/phone on your desk or nearby object.
2. It is best to ask someone else for assistance in the shoot.
3. The camera should be pointing towards your mouse hand e.g. from the right or left side.
4. We need to see you from your head to your waist.
5. Make sure the monitor is in the shot like in the picture and movie below.
6. Start typing and using the mouse.
7. Movies of 30 seconds length are best. You can send us a maximum of three movies for analysis.
8. The easiest way is to take the movies/photos with your mobile phone, then
9. Log in here with your username and password.
10. You pay the fee of £140.
11. We will then begin the assessment process and will notify you by email that your report and diary are ready.
12. You can then send copies to whoever else might be interested and update your diary.

Example movie:

Running gait analysis Spine pain diary
Head pain diary Shoulder pain diary
Repetitive Strain diary Leg pain diary
Global pain mapper Workplace wellness
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