Pain Mapper


Online workstation ergonomics assessment for home and office.

Do you wish to know whether your workstation set-up may be going to damage you?
Now we can all identify and prevent future problems.

Messy workstations or workstations/display screen equipment that have been set up incorrectly can result in musculoskeletal injuries. In fact, a survey funded by the HSE found a high prevalence of headaches (52%), eye discomfort (58%), neck pain (47%), back pain (37%), and shoulder pain (39%) in DSE users.

For a one off fee of £140 you will be able to:

1. Specifically define your pain areas
2. Get an expert assessment of your workstation and posture
3. Get to keep an accurate diary of your individual symptom areas progress.

What is the Pain Mapper Workstation Analysis process?

1. You create your account.
2. You fill in the Pain Mapper questionnaire.
3. You pay your fee of £140.
4. Read the filming instructions
5. You film yourself typing and mousing for 30 seconds after you have read the simple but precise Filming Instructions.
6. Your video is then analysed and a report consisting of screenshots which illustrate your posture along with useful comments and observations about your workstation set-up.
7. Your report (usually takes 2 to 3 days to produce) is placed online protected by your ID for you to log in and see and also to update your Ergonomics Diary.

Each assessment provides:

It is vital in any workstation postural analysis that the entire body is observed, from head to toe. We work with our whole body not just with our fingertips and eyeballs.

Pain Mapper ergonomics Diary provides a unique diary layout which displays the areas of pain, which muscles are affected and why, their severity over time and the results of what you have done to help yourself.

The simplified diary layout will tell you much more of what you need to know about your particular pain over time.

The creator of Pain Mapper Workstation and Diary is Paul Manley, a clinician of 40 years experience in observing and treating 1000's of people from all over the world in his Central London Clinic.

"Forty years of clinical work has taught me how patients express their pain and what the most common pain patterns are. My app does not purport to cover all known problems, just the most common ones. Simple, visual and informative, Ergonomics Pain Mapper and Diary is unique. Practical observations which will increase your bodily awareness.
It is essential to workstation  analysis that the whole body usage is assessed."

Paul Manley, Clinician and App designer.

The areas that the assessment covers are the forearm, spine and desk ergonomics/posture

Your Workstation Pain Mapper and Diary includes information specific to your pain areas.
It will tell you if you are performing particular physical actions which will cause and or aggravate your pain.
You will learn how to avoid aggravations and how to help your symptoms to get better.
It will also pinpoint pain syndromes which may need further investigation.

Your Diary

You can update your diary with details of your symptoms:
  1. Areas of pain
  2. Severity of pain
  3. Information about your pain areas
  4. Treatment success or failure
  5. Medication success or failure
  6. Workstation changes
  7. Self-help success or failure
  8. Activities success or failure

All of which can be assessed and advised upon using this unique and highly informative ergonomic examination.

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