Becoming a Referrer

The Pain Mapper Project is a unique collection of online diagnostic tools. It specialises in musculo-skeletal conditions. The tools all analyse the relationships between pain conditions and the activities most likely to be their cause.

Program Price Your commission
Workplace Wellness large £850.00 £100.00
Workplace Wellness medium £375.00 £40.00
Workplace Wellness small £160.00 £16.00
Running gait analysis and Diary £140.00 £14.00
Pain Mapper Global package £29.99 £5.00
Arm and shoulder module £8.99 £2.00
Spine module £8.99 £2.00
Head module £8.99 £2.00
Leg module £8.99 £2.00
RSI module £8.99 £2.00
Arm and Shoulder Pain Tracker and Diary £4.99 £1.00
Spine Pain Tracker and Diary £4.99 £1.00
Head Pain Tracker and Diary £4.99 £1.00
Leg Pain Tracker and Diary £4.99 £1.00
RSI Pain Tracker and Diary £4.99 £1.00

“A recent study has found that more than two thirds of the UK population now suffer from some form of musculo-skeletal injury, costing over £300 million in lost working hours, producing countless sufferers of this modern epidemic. ”

You can now help to reduce the suffering and the debilitating effects of these disorders by asking people to participate in a Pain Mapper module.

Not only will they get a much clearer understanding of the nature of their injury, they will receive advice on the causes and what to do about it. The resulting reports are very specific and tailored to the individual concerned.

Some modules have a tracker diary, some are one-off assessments, provides a module for employers and their employees.

This unique and innovative online system was the brain-child of Paul Manley. His 40 years of experience diagnosing and treating pain syndromes have inspired him to spread his analytic methodology to all.

How does the referral system work?

  • You sign up creating your account.
  • Clients that you refer to any Pain Mapper website can use your Promo Code.
  • The Promo code can be embedded in your personalised links, images and email messages.
  • Once you have signed up you will be passed to your Resources page. Here you will find your links and a choice of images for your choice of media.
  • The moment one of your clients has paid you will be allocated the appropriate payment.
  • You can login to view your account status using your username.

How do you get paid?

You will be notified via email when someone has used your Promo code to make a purchase.
You will be notified via email when you have been paid.

You can be paid via Paypal or preferably by bank transfer.
If you wish to be paid via bank transfer please give your name, account number and sort code below.

Referrer account creation:

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